What is Insaiders?

Insaiders is the online platform for travellers looking to discover Bulgaria for real. 

It highlights those authentic and alternative places worth of exploration, as well as connects you to passionate locals willing to share their inside knowledge and expertise, to turn your stay into an unforgettable experience.

The range of experiences is as broad as the imagination and creativity of local enthusiasts, as for example tours off the beaten path, local cuisine lessons, folk-cultural immersion, unique adventure activities, artistic workshops, wine and gourmet food tasting, etc.

We aim to provide an alternative to the standard routes and itineraries followed by most of the travellers, allowing them to experience the authentic side of the culture and spirit of the place they visit, while establishing real connections with the local population.

Our Mission:

To contribute to sustainability in travel by providing off-the-beaten-path alternatives, empowering local entrepreneurship and allowing for real cultural exchange.

Our Story. Why we do this?

The social, economical and technological progress of our society enables the continuous growth of the amount of travellers to different parts of the world, which contributes to the development of many regions, enabling the awareness about other cultures. However, at the same time, many destinations are suffering the consequences of mass tourism such as overcrowded spaces, sustainability challenges or the standardisation and loss of uniqueness.

Insaiders was born born out of the need to provide sustainable solutions to these problems as well as to offer a creative response to the growing demand by travellers for more authentic, local experiences.

We believe that by empowering local people as ambassadors of their own city, community or country, we cultivate in the society a stronger sense of belonging and a deeper attachment to the local culture, folklore and traditions. In addition to enriching travellers’ experience, this could become the spark that ignites the flame for local entrepreneurs willing to make a living out of what they love doing the most.

Another core driver for us is the willingness to contribute to sustainability from different perspectives, social, cultural, economical end environmental. Granting opportunities to local people to follow their passions allows for higher sense of fulfilment. At the same time, connecting them with travellers contributes to building bridges between countries and communities, setting the stage for higher tolerance, respect and appreciation among cultures. By skipping the middlemen, travellers are able to get more affordable diversity of experiences, while boosting local economy in a fair and honest way, with a give back incentive. At the same time, taking travellers out of the conventional tracks makes possible a better conservation of those place already receive high amount of visitors, while benefiting the development of less popular, but more authentic destinations.

Given the cultural and language barrier, less popular – although emerging – destinations, present an even more suitable scenario for local experience providers to add real value to travellers. It is our belief that by establishing a trustworthy network of Insaiders we are contributing to creating memorable travel experiences for people visiting Bulgaria, as well as for those who already live here.

For a more detailed understanding of what Insaiders is about, please have a look at following video:

To get to know more about the founder, you can have a look here.