Road Trip around Bulgaria

Take a virtual trip around Bulgaria and discover our country while having fun

Map Bulgaria for the Board Gem

Board Game Instructions


  • The game starts with everyone rolling the dice

  • Depending on the number that you get, you will move along the board through the 100 places

  • Each turn starts with rolling the dice and does not finish until it is indicated in the screen

  • Each one of the 100 places brings a different test that you should overcome (question, story or challenge)

  • Read carefully the instructions in the screen during all the game (more info below)

  • When your turn finishes, the next player shall roll the dice

  • Minimum number of players: 2 (there is no limit for the maximum number of players)


  • Get from 1 to 100 (there is no need to pass through all the stops) before everyone else

  • To win the game you must arrive exactly to the place 100 and get through it (answer the question)

What do you need to play the Board Game?

  • Your electronic device + Internet connection

  • Map (you can download and print it here)

  • Dice (you can also use a virtual one here)

  • Pawns (or equivalent)

  • Paper and pen (or Notes)

There are 3 types of test, different in each place:

Note: The below instructions are just for your better understanding. You will be guided during the course of the game.


Read the introduction of the place and answer the Question.

Possible outcomes (with few exceptions):

  • If your answer is correct, continue your turn (roll the dice again)

  • If your answer is wrong, your turn ends (the next player rolls the dice)


Read carefully the Story of the place and find out what happens to you.

Possible outcomes:

  • Go back to a place related to this one

  • Advance to a place related to this one

  • Stay where you are and wait for your turn

  • Skip the next turn


Read carefully the introduction of the place and take the challenge:

Possible outcomes (most usual ones):

  • If you do the challenge, continue your turn (roll the dice again)

  • If you do the challenge, but the other players agree that you did not do it properly, your turn finishes (you might get punished if you cheated)

  • If you decide NOT to do the challenge, you will get some sort of punishment (go back, skip the turn…)


  • It’s forbidden to use your Smartphone to answer the questions…

  • It’s allowed to improvise…

  • It’s possible that you embarrass yourself…

  • It’s guaranteed that you’ll have fun…


Board Game Index

List of the 100 places to discover in Bulgaria:

1. Sofia

2. Sofia Region

3. Museum of Yogurt, Studen Izvor (Tran)

4. Iskar Gorge

5. Vratsa Region

6. Banitsa

7. Montana Region

8. Belogradchik Rocks and Fortress

9. Magura Cave

10. Baba Vida (Vidin)

11. Kozloduy

12. Prohodna Cave

13. Pleven Panorama

14. Lovech Region

15. Devetashka Cave

16. Svishtov

17. Ruse

18. Ruse Region

19. Marten and “Baba Marta”

20. Thracian Tomb of Sveshtari

21. Tutrakan

22. Srebarna Natural Reserve

23. Silistra

24. Dobrudzha

25. Dobrich Region

26. Kaliakra Cape

27. Varna North Coast

28. Varna Necropolis

29. Beloslav (Varna)

30. Varna Region

31. Pliska

32. Preslav

33. Shumen – Christmas Eve

34. Razgrad – Happy New Year

35. Targovishte Region – Trifon Zarezan

36. Veliko Tarnovo – Tsarevets

37. Veliko Tarnovo City & Surroundings

38. Tryavna – Wedding

39. Etar (Gabrovo)

40. Sevlievo

41. Apriltsi (Easter)

42. Troyan

43. Teteven

44. Panagyurishte

45. Koprivshtitsa

46. Sopot – Ivan Vazov

47. Karlovo

48. Kalofer

49. Peak Botev

50. Kazanlak – Rose Festival

51. Shipka Pass

52. Buzludzha

53. Nikolaevo – “Nikulden” (Saint Nicholas Day)

54. Sliven (Christmas Day)

55. Kotel

56. Zheravna (International Festival of Folk Costume)

57. Cape Emine

58. Nessebar

59. Burgas

60. St. Ivan Island – Sozopol

61. Ravadinovo Castle (Sozopol)

62. Sinemorets – Silistar beach

63. Bulgari (Nestinari)

64. Strandzha Mountains (Myths & Legends)

65. Yambol (Kukeri)

66. Thracian Valley (Wine)

67. Stara Zagora

68. Stara Zagora Region

69. Plovdiv

70. Plovdiv (Roman Legacy)

71. Pazardzhik Region (lyutenitsa)

72. Asenovgrad – Asen’s Fortress

73. Haskovo Region (Sirene)

74. Kardzhali Region

75. Zlatograd

76. Smolyan (Rhodope cuisine)

77. Smolyan Region

78. Devil’s Throat Cave (Orpheus)

79. Gela (Bagpipe Music Contest)

80. Pamporovo

81. The “Sacred Energy Triangle” of Rhodope Mountains

82. The Wonderful Bridges

83. Velingrad

84. Musala Peak – Borovets (Rila Mountains)

85. Seven Rila Lakes

86. Sapareva Banya

87. Rila Monastery

88. Bansko

89. Pirin National Park

90. Dobrinishte – Narrow Gauge Train

91. Leshten (Shopska Salad)

92. Melnik

93. Petrich – Belasica Montains (Soups)

94. Sandanski (Spartacus)

95. Kresna Gorge

96. Blagoevgrad Region

97. Kyustendil Region (Fruit garden)

98. Pernik (Kukeri Masquerade Festival)

99. Vitosha Mountains (Sofia)

100. Sofia (last stop)

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