The Red Flat

Everyday Life in Communist Bulgaria

Do you remember the Cold War?

Have you read and listened about it? Perhaps you have seen movies focusing on the dramatic stand-off between the two powerhouses of the world at the time – the US and the Soviet Union. You probably know about the arms race, the never ending competition between them, constantly designing more and better weapons and ways to destroy each other. You also likely know about the space race, the start of humankind’s exploration of the so-called final frontier. If you come from the West, you would have been exposed to propaganda about the evil communists whose main objective was to destroy your peaceful and prosperous way of life. If you come from the East, you would have been constantly flooded with propaganda about the evil capitalists, who live and breathe to ruin your attempt at a just and perfect social system. But have you ever wondered how the regular citizen of the “Empire of Evil”, as per Ronald Reagan, actually lived like? If yes, then… The Red Flat is here!

In April 2019 we opened The Red Flat; a downtown apartment in Sofia, which is designed to teleport you back to the 80’s and explore the life of a fictional Bulgarian family, Petrovi or the Petrovs. There you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the last decade of the Cold War. You will also listen to stories covering the everyday activities, work, school, fun and games, dreams and aspirations of Elena, Plamen and their son Boyan. You are not just welcome, but encouraged to explore and play with the objects you will see in their home. In about an hour and a half you will get a comprehensive picture of life in socialist Bulgaria.

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 10:30-18:00 ( last admission )


Adults 18 BGN per person, children under 14 years 9 BGN

Address: 24 Ivan Denkoglu St, GIFTED

Phone: 00359 988 252 032

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ulitsa "Ivan Denkoglu" 24
Sofia 1000 Sofia City Province BG
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