We built this space with a clear vision

  • Who?

    For passionate travellers, both bulgarians and foreigners alike, who enjoy travelling off the beaten path

  • What?

    We inspire them to discover Bulgaria for real, helping them plan their travels around the country

  • How?

    By introducing them the places (and the people behind them) where they can enjoy authentic and alternative experiences

  • Why?

    Because we believe it is only through locals that one can get to really immerse into a place

What can you find here?

  • Inspiration

    Don't miss our tips & articles, board game and other inspiration tools

  • Planning

    Find out what experiences our Insaiders have to offer

  • Added value

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Our Travel Insaider

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Would you like to take a virtual trip around Bulgaria?

Discover our country playing with your friends in this truly entertaining journey

"Road Trip around Bulgaria"

The Board Game

Road Trip around Bulgaria

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